The cost of treatment for cancer can be unaffordable and overwhelming for most people. Even if the cost can be covered by insurance there are still so many additional costs that one can incur. The cost of treatment and the financial burden that is left to families of childhood cancer patients is extremely high.

Aside from the costs for diagnostic tests, hospitalization, and chemotherapy, many other additional costs are incurred by cancer patients these include; travel expenses, accommodation, appointments expenses, expenses for food, and even phone bills. These non-medical costs tend to be even more expensive compared to medical costs.

The main aim of Christine’s Smiles is to raise funds for children who suffer from cancer and those with disabilities. The money donated will not go towards research and development purposes but it will help children in need, to cater for any costs that are incurred by the families of this children especially the non-medical ones. These donations will ensure that no child lacks the care that they truly deserve.

No amount is too small and any amount donated can go a long way in catering for expenses incurred by these families. Donating will not only honor Christine’s life and help to keep her memory alive but it will also help numerous children who are suffering from cancer and their families to be able to access care. Please stand with us, join us in the fight against cancer and donate today.

There are plenty of ways to give. You can either decide to give one-time donations or even become a monthly donor.

Help a child today and pass this website  along to friends and family.

You can donate by following ways:

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