Over the past year the foundation has received over $17,000.00 in donations.
  • We have helped 5 families with children fighting cancer.
  • Gave money to local food pantries.
  • Gave to a team of persons at hospice who care for children dying with cancer.

A message of Gratitude from Christine

Greg & Christine & Justin

Christine, who was a great mother and wife, is described by her family as very outgoing and soft-spoken. She was fun, loving, and always happy. The name Christine Smiles comes from her greatest attribute which was her smile.

Her cancer diagnosis began with lung cancer, she was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer and then intestinal cancer. The tumor ended up blocking her bowel movement, which saw her end up with a colostomy.

Christine was operated on five times. Despite being given less than a month to live, Christine managed to overcome all the challenges that she was facing and lived for about 6  more months.

It was during her numerous trips to the hospital that she saw the kids who were also suffering from the dreadful disease and it was always her dream to help these children.

Therefore, her family started Christine’s Smiles to keep her memory alive and to keep fighting this disease by donating money to help cover bills, medical supplies, and even food for children who suffer from cancer and disabilities. By making this fundraising website the family can celebrate her life and honor her memory.

No donation is too small and any amount that you can chip in will go a long way in helping children who suffer from cancer and those with disabilities to cater for any expenses that may occur. Your help will ensure that no one misses on care.

Christine's Smiles