Christine HolbrookChristine Francesca Holbrook was born on December 27, 1959.  She attended West Genesee High school and she was fun, loving, and always happy. At the age of 11, Christine lost her dad and was never able to overcome the loss.

Several years down the line, Christine would lose her brother and sister.

She was very beautiful on both the inside and outside. She loved movies and music with her favorite musicians being 38 Special, Lewis Prima and Dean Martin. Despite loving music and movies her biggest pride and joy was her son Justin.

Justin would ultimately become a filmmaker. Christine said she loved to see her son’s name within the film credit.

She was witty, with a great sense of humor and sometimes even sarcasm. One thing about Christine is that she loved to smile, even if you look at her pictures the first thing you will notice is her radiant smile. Her beautiful smile is what inspired the name of this fundraising website.

Christine was diagnosed with lung cancer and after a while she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and then intestinal cancer. She later developed a tumor that blocked her bowel movement which led to her getting a colostomy and later passed away on the 11th of August 2022.

Christine is described by her family as someone who always thought of others. It was during her many trips to the hospital that she got to see the children who were suffering from cancer and disabilities. Due to her selfless nature, even though she was suffering from the disease herself, she was always concerned about the children.

It is no secret that cancer treatments can be very costly. Aside from the costs for diagnostic tests, hospitalization, and chemotherapy, many other additional costs are incurred by cancer patients which include travel, accommodations, expenses for food, and even phone bills.

The family decided to keep Christine’s memory alive by donating money to help the many children in hospitals who suffer from cancer and those who are disabled. The money donated is not for research and development purposes but it will help children in need, to cater for any costs that are incurred by the families of these children such as food, medical supplies, appointments, and any travel expenses.

Your donation will not only ensure that Christine’s memory lives on forever but it will also help these needy children as it will ensure that no one misses out on care.

Greg & Christine

Poem from Greg to Christine

“Love is precious time, memories shared between two,
To my love Christine you will forever be my always.
You are my shoulder to lean and cry on.
My dream come true, and my best friend…
Every day that goes by, my love for you grows stronger.
I am so blessed that you are mine. Through our journey since the beginning, and knowing that
Together no matter where, it is our favorite place to be.
I love you for eternity
Thank you for loving me. God bless you.”

Love Greg xoxoxo

Christine's Smiles